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Corona virus and Islam

Corona virus is a disease that started from a market in wuhan and is now spread all over the world. No proper cure for this virus has been found till now . Now the question is that Islam guides/informs us about everything so is there any information or any solution for such viruses and diseases in Islam?

The answer is yes islam has thought us many dua’s to protect us from such diseases . Islam does not tell us how to protect our selves from corona virus specifically but it teaches us many dua’s to protect ourselves from such diseases. For example :

Allah and our Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) also thought us one more useful dua when we have some problem and that is ‘astagfar’. Astagfar means to ask forgiveness from God. Forgiveness from our sins.

Maybe this is a punishment from Allah(God) for our sins. so we should recite astagfar as much as we can then inshallah Allah will take back his punishment and no doubt Allah is the most Rahim.

We should also stay safe from such viruses and diseases by prevention because prevention is better than cure.

How can you protect yourself from corona virus?


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